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Medjool Dates

Relish the taste of Elite and lite premium large Medjool dates

The Medjool date stands out for its thin, reddish brown to mahogany skin and amber-hued flesh. These dates are naturally sweet without any added sugar and they are full of potassium. Each succulent mouthful leaves a lingering aftertaste. Also, these luscious dates are virtually sodium, fat and cholesterol free making them an organic superfood.

Medjool dates are one of the most popular date varieties in the world. At Elite and Lite, we nurture our dates in their optimal environment, growing and harvesting flavour-intense organic Medjool dates which practically melt in your mouth. Our assortment consists of premium large Medjool dates available for online ordering.

One of the largest date varieties, Medjool dates are great for those seeking a healthy, satisfying treat. Featuring a reddish-brown skin and amber-hued flesh, these popular gourmet dates are easily distinguishable from other varieties. They are also commonly referred to as ‘California Dates’ and benefit from a divine moist and plump texture.